Scrapbook Scanning

"Contact-less" scanning process

Using the Fujitsu SV600 scanner that scans from above, never touching the page.  We are able to scan and capture all raised lettering and special graphics that are on the page without damaging the page.  

Saved as a .pdf file

Each page scanned at 600dpi into a .pdf file

Page sizes up-to 12" x 12" will be scanned as created without modification. The entire scrapbook will be saved in a .pdf file in the original order making it easier to store safely and share liberally with family and friends.  

Pages considerately handled

Extreme care is taken when scanning each page

You have spent hours going down memory lane, thoughtfully and creatively measuring, choosing photos, cutting, gluing, and crafting the story that becomes a work of art called a scrapbook.   We respect your efforts and will dedicate the same care when preparing each page for the best possible scan and in returning the page back to its original location.